Concrete Coating

LOOKING FOR A DURABLE NON-SKID FINISH that’s chemical resistant?  Whether your concrete is new or worn, LOOK NO FURTHER!

Epoxy Protection For Concrete

  • Feeder Pad / Slat Protection
  • New or Eroded Slat Repair / Protection
  • Non-Skid

We use AG Epoxy, a high performance epoxy coating that provides a chemical resistant and durable non-skid finish, installed over new or worn concrete surfaces.

AG Masters Products Offer:

  • Quick Return to Service
  • Impact / Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance

AG Master Paint, the leader in agricultural corrosion control, has developed an innovative repair material for the pork industry to protect or restore concrete assets subjected to chemical attack or abrasion.

Concrete Repair

Slats are expensive to replace!  So be proactive and call C2C Construction to handle your slat maintenance! Add years to the life of your building from the roof to the floor C2C Construction can help you no matter what the project is!

  • Feeder Pad & Trough Rehabilitation
  • Slat Repair
  • Concrete Wall Repair

We use AG Repair, a high strength quick curing repair mortar developed for the pork industry. This can be used as a stand alone repair material or in conjunction with the AG Epoxy system.